Do you like to fish? We do too but we're not fond of smelling like our trophy largemouth bass that may or may not have gotten away. It was huge! Honest! But seriously, this soap washes away the fish slime or whatever else covers your hands. We add pumice, oatmeal, and ground coffee beans to help in that process.


Stinky Jobs is also amazing for the kitchen and is great at removing other odors like onion and garlic! Try some.




Stinky Jobs @ 4 oz

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  • Oatmeal is an exfoliant. In addition, it is known to help moisturize skin and also helps with itch and irritation.    

    Coffee is an exfoliant, helps with skin inflammation, irritation, and helps to moisturize.

    Pumice is an exfoliant

    Goat milk is rich in fatty acid and lactic acids which are known to help exfoliate and moisturize.