We love avocados! Our Avocado Mint soap starts with an avocado puree that feels and smells wonderful. We then add a cool minty fresh and green herbal aroma of spearmint, creating a bar that is great smelling and great for you! If you're a fan of avocados like we are give this one a try. 


All of our soaps begin with the same base recipe which has been refined and modified into an amazing recipe that we love because it produces a bar that is stable, cleansing, filled with lather, and includes shea butter for a wonderfully non-drying bar. 


Avocado Mint @ 4 oz

  • Avocado is known to be naturally moisturizing, have soothing abilities, and anti-inflammatory skin benefits and properties. It's also well known to help with eczema, acne, psoriasis or dry/chapped skin.