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Townsend & Main Soap Co. was established in 2018 out of my love for creating and the desire to produce a healthy, handcrafted, affordable natural soap.  Initially my line contained only a few “male” scents.  In the background, Ernie was testing products, critiquing the process, and offering suggestions -- you know, like a typical armchair quarterback. Joking aside, he has amazed me as you’ll see why.


Meanwhile, we ladies continue to spend a lot of time, energy and money to feel good, look good and smell good.  But I thought, why haven’t the guys caught up with us yet?  That’s when, in 2019, Ernie decided to officially join this crazy ride with me and created The 850 Diesel Company line for Townsend & Main.  The energy between the two of us propelled the company to produce even more products, scents, and we even expanded our offerings!  We literally produce something for everyone in the family!


Today I run the accounting, production, purchasing, and shipping areas.  Ernie conducts our marketing, production, operation support, and contributes his creative ideas.  It’s also nice he has the muscle for toting tents, tables and products to all the shows and markets we attend! Together, we run this business to bring you luxurious products at a price that won’t break the bank.  And by the way, in 2021 we got married and are also partners in love!  We have great things in store for Townsend & Main Soap Co. and The 850 DIESEL Company line of products.  We hope you’ll love what we offer and join us for the ride!

Sincerely,  Michelle

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The 850 DIESEL Story

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Once upon a time there was a great number of steel producers in the Mahoning Valley of Ohio.  The hard working men and women produced some of the world’s best rolled steel.  Working countless hours they would eat together, sometimes bleed together, and knew each other's family members by name.  Working hard and often playing harder was the norm.  


I spent over 20 years in one of those mills, most of which as a heavy equipment operator.  At one point I specialized in operating a mobile crane that would travel by way of the railroad.  Some called this crane a “dinosaur'' because she was old and outdated, and others called her “old blue” because of the color.  For me she was just big, blue and numbered 850.  She was also powered by a big diesel engine. 


The 850 DIESEL line of Townsend and Main is not only our more masculine earthy scents but represents the dedication of skilled workers that got the job done even in the face of enormous adversity.  And if you look closely at the 850 logo, you’ll likely notice what looks like a factory.  That’s actually the silhouette of a little blast furnace that started major steel production in Warren, Ohio.


Handcrafted in Niles, Ohio

Nestled in Trumbull County, Ohio, Niles is home to some famous people.  President William McKinley is from Niles as is the inventor of hot dogs, Harry Stevens.  Our home base is in Niles, but you can find us in various Farmer's Markets around Trumbull County, Portage County, and Mahoning County. We can also be found in artisan shows across those areas as well as Cuyahoga County too!

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